Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Being Away For So Long….

From blogging I don’t know where to begin now. I knew I missed a lot of what’s happening here and I owe visits for those who visit my blogs regularly, but don’t worry guys I’ll try my best to visit you all back soon.  Believe me, I do want to go back blogging regularly but what can I do right now my father-in-law needs more care than before and I also have to help my hubby on taking care of my father-in-laws rental properties. 

Oh well, time really flies so fast! My daughter already performed on her 1st recital.  She did a great job! My hubby and I were satisfied of what she accomplished this year even though the tuition fee was incredibly high but it was worth it; my husband was so proud of her that he immediately wanted to sign up for next year dance class. Here are some pictures when she wasn’t dancing, since you weren’t allowed to take photos at the recital.

Oh yeah, she did it by herself from make-up to her hair style because her Mommy doesn’t know how to do it, LOL!
after the recital with her pink dozen roses bouquet  from her "Mommy Ne" (my sister in Cali)


  1. Relax sis just come back when you can. Sometimes those times really come in our life that we are so caught up with major responsibilities - just happened to me...

    I will just be around :)

  2. Thank you Sis for your understanding xoxoxo

  3. Hi Sam,

    Congratulations to your daughter on her first recital, I am sure you are all very proud, as is she (rightfully!)! Nice photos of you and your lovely family. No worries about keeping up with the blogging and replying, I do the same and only blog and catch up with friends' blogs when I can. Balut is right, those major responsibilities do take precedence, and we all understand.

    All the best to you and yours!


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