Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Daughter's Milestone: Studio Showcase Night!

I can’t believe it’s more than a week already since my last post. I don’t have a lot of exciting things to share about my life because it’s the same-o busy taking care of my 3 kids (hubby, father-in-law, and my daughter) plus working on my Per Diem job.  Anyway, today I attended my daughter’s dance school Studio Showcase.  This is an occasion where the dance instructors wants to show the parents what the kids have been doing for the past 5 months before their huge performance this coming May 2013.

I’m overwhelming about most parents tell me, they said that my daughter is an excellent dancer! I’m glad that all my hard work trying to earn extra money to pay for her tuition and driving her to school every week wasn’t wasted.

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