Monday, January 7, 2013

Well, hello everyone!

How are your holiday celebrations? Ours isn’t really that great because my father-in-law was very ill before Christmas then before the New Year we have to send him to the hospital because of acute pneumonia. So, we didn’t really celebrate the New Year because we were back and forth to the hospital.  But we’re very thankful that he’s home now and on his way to  a full recovery every day.  Oh well, after my Dad-in-law's hospitalization, now my hubby and I we’re both suffering from severe sore throat and coughing for like weeks already.  I feel lucky because we both don’t have high fever like many people we know but we both feel so weak, feeling nauseous and our tastes buds doesn’t work right now.  

Honestly, this is the times I miss being in my country because when I’m sick I can ask help from my family to take care of things while I’m sick so that I can stay in bed until I feel better but here even if I don’t feel good or very sick I need to get up and work because nobody can do it for me.  Same thing with my hubby even if he’s so sick I can’t stop him from working.  It’s so sad but this is the reality of life here that mostly of my family and friends doesn’t understand. They thought that being in the US is an easy life that when they need money we’re like gonna pick it right from the apple tree and send it to them. If they only knew we are working so hard just to get by especially now that government charging more taxes to people it seems impossible for us to get ahead and have extra money to enjoy life.
I’m sorry if my come back post isn’t really sounded happy. I’m just so disgusted of this so called a “friend of mine” back in my country that wants money from me then when I refused to give because I have nothing to give her she get mad at me and started ignoring all my messages and logged off on me every time I try to talk to her. Well, I can’t believe how she acted because she is the sweetest girl among my girlfriends back home now her true color shows.  Well, I’m telling her the truth that I’m struggling here too but she didn’t believe me. What she wants from me? Probably she wants me to be like most of the Filipinos I heard and I’ve known who came here that are hypocrites.  They’re always showing and telling the good side of their life but the truth is they’re also struggling to death paying their debts. Sorry, bato-bato sa langit tamaan huwag magagalit.  Happy New Year Everyone! And I hope this will gonna be the start of my regular blogging again :)


  1. Hi Sam, hope you'll feel better soon, take care. Happy new year, God bless!

  2. Thanks dear, I hope so too soon. Happy New Year to you too!


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