Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Been Almost Two Weeks Now

but I still feel so miserable because of coughing. It all started like I’m having an allergy attack last Friday (January 20).  So, I took an allergy pills but the next day I totally lost my voice.  I'm so glad that my sister calls me two days after I lost my voice and told me what to do. She told me to make Ginger tea or well known “salabat (boiled ginger root)” in my country and to drink it every day until my voice get better. Whala! She’s right after two-three days of drinking it; little by little my voice comes back.  Although until now I still have harsh sound voice but at least I feel a lot better except I still coughing heavily and having severe headache almost every day. To those who never try making ginger tea yet, you can go to my Snaps Shots and Tips  for the step by step procedure.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Love Watching Equestrian Sports

Every time I see advertisements about equestrian apparel and Prestige saddles it reminded me of our Equestrian champion rider Mikee Conjuanco. As I've remember Back in my country, I never miss watching equestrian sports because of her. I really admire her because aside from being good on what she does in Equestrian sport, she's also good on picking the best riding gear. I always found   her look gorgeous on all the equestrian apparel that she wears every time she has a competition.  
No question that she’s extremely talented, knowledgeable, and has a brilliant relationship with her horses. In my eyes as her number one fan I believe that she's also an excellent role model for the younger generation who wants to be in the Equestrian sports world. Although I don't watch her riding much anymore since I moved here, but when I have time I always search online to know some updates about her latest riding. 

My Daughter Needs Additional Lockers

As a part of our training to our kids, we parents should start teaching them to become organize in their early age. I myself start teaching my daughter to be organized as early as about a year old. I started teaching her how to organize her toys. I provided her a small locker where she can put all of her toys right after she's done playing. I never allow her to leave and do anything else until she's done putting all her toys away.
 Now that she's growing up and becoming a lady :-) I am teaching her how to be more organize in everything especially on her room. Last weekend we started organizing her room and we toss and put on a donation mostly of her stuffs that she accumulated in just a short period of time moving here.  I can't believe that we're gonna need to get an additional  lockers for her crafts and some clothes.  Well, I told her that Mommy and Daddy need to save for that first so we'll do the best we can for now for her room to look a little tidier than before. ;-)  IN MY OWN OPINION: teaching your children how to stay organized will improve your life as well as theirs!

I like this one  ;-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Got My Instinct Working Again?!

I feel a bit annoy since I've heard two months ago that our youngest sister will having baby again soon. We don't want her to have one again because we're just concern of her health and of course we want her to have a life not just taking care of kids for the rest of her life.  But what can we do it's there already we can't do anything about it. Although I'm not that happy but as a sister I'll gonna be supported to her.  So, every time I go to a nearby store here; I always excited to check out  new baby girls clothes  I love to shop for babies especially for baby girls.  Guess what there's a bunch of cute ones that I couldn't resist not to buy even though is I don’t have an idea if her baby is a boy or girl. Well, I just follow my instinct I got for girls.
Then last two weeks ago, my other sister in San Diego calls me telling me that my sister gave birth already and it's a baby girl! Isn't it so strange, I bought clothes for baby girl and sure enough it’s a girl. My instinct really works again this time!;-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are U Planning In Getting A College Degree?

Or are you parents of a student who graduated with flying colors and honors but struggling to put him/her into college?  Well, you're not alone, let's face it getting a degree in college in this complicated and new world that we live in now is high-rocket.  But we don't have so many choice right? Nowadays, an individual who wants to fit in the labor market world; of course a college degree can help them to their career goals and is required for many jobs. 
As parents we always find ways on how to send our kids to college. I know in some countries like mine, it’s hard to find ways there.  I feel lucky that now we’re here in the US so when the time comes that my daughter will go in college and in case we don’t have enough money at least I know some ways already, like to apply for a scholarship, student loan and financial aid.   Oh by the way if you’re interested to know more about what I mentioned just click financial aid information for more accurate guidelines?  In this site you can find a lot of interesting reads on how to get scholarships for left handed students as well. It amazes me to know that here if you’re a left handed student you have a big chance on getting a free education, isn’t that cool?! :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

It Was A Heart-stopper Weekend!

Yesterday was a big day for the entire New England and so to my hubby because of the AFC championship game. There’s no way that he will miss to watch football game. He's really a big fun of Patriots because of Tom Brady who play as the quarterback of the team. I never watch it with my hubby before because I don't understand much how the game works.  But yesterday I did and it was the first time that I watched the game with my hubby till the end. Here’s some photo's that I took during the game:
he's the coach of New England team (Patriots). It was the first time I saw him smiling
Tom Brady- he's my hubby's favorite quarterback
I bet no fan of Patriots in his or her right mind would have been able to sit still in front of the TV for that entirety of that game. It was indeed an absolutely heart-stopper game because the Ravens team is really good too. Anyway, Patriots are going to Super bowl people! I’m wishing that they won this time because the last time they fought with the New York Giants four years ago; they beat our team. :-/  Well, I can't wait this coming February 5th. Honestly when we have this kind of event here I feel so pampered because my hunnie is the one who does all the cooking. ;-) He made spaghetti sauce, stuffed pepper and my favorite eggplant Parmesan and we had an early dinner last Sunday. It's so yummy he did a good job and I really love how he makes it. I always tease him that he's my favorite chef; well like most people say love your own right? hehehe. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let’s Have Some Laughter! Frozen Crabs, Funnie Gifts and The Stewardess

A lawyer boarded an airplane with some funny gift ideas and a box of frozen crabs. He asked a stewards to take care of them for him. She took the box of frozen crabs and promised to put it in the crew's refrigerator. He advised her that he was holding her personally responsible for them staying frozen, mentioning in a very haughty manner that he was a lawyer, and proceeded to rant at her about what would happen if she let them thaw out. Needless to say, she was annoyed by his behavior.
Shortly before landing, she used the intercom to announce to the entire cabin, "Would the lawyer who gave me the crabs, please raise your hand?" Not one hand went up...so she took them home and ate them. Get it? I hope so ;-)  FYI: Crabs in American slang means - an unspecified venereal disease.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Last summer time all I had to listen from my hubby was he really hates our bushes fence and that he can’t wait to get rid of it which I understand. It’s indeed a pain on the neck maintaining it.  Imagine he has to trim 50 feet long fence 6 times a year but of course with my help ;-) I’m the one raking them and put it in a yard waste bin.  Well, between cutting and raking it takes us for a couple of hours. 
this is the kind of bamboo fencing that I like
He told me that probably this coming summertime he wants to put up a fence little but little and also to poor a new concrete slab in our backyard. I said okay, as long as he’ll agree with me of the one I want which is bamboo fencing and bamboo paneling for the backyard :-). He said that he’ll think about it. Hummm if he’ll said no later I'll try to convince him and  insist that if we use bamboo it’s a like our way of helping to preserve the environment plus it will save us money on buying termite control treatment because bamboo is naturally termite resistant which is the most common fates of traditional wood fences :-D . 

On Parenting: Basic Training

As parent, we do everything we can to keep our kids safe and  to make sure they grow up healthy; we teach them to eat right, to look both ways before they cross the street, and to get the rest they need to learn , to grow and most importantly to survive. So, last summer my husband and I start teaching our daughter the basic life skills like doing the dishes every night. We don't want her to be like most of the young people here nowadays who are so spoiled, that in their start years after high school or college suffer from work and life unreadiness. In what my hubby and I observe of the new generations; they lack of practical skills and behaviors, the real-world insights pivotal to success in work and life. 
Sure, it's easier to do things yourself than to teach your kids how. But that does them a huge disservice. My hubby and both believe on ”the benefits of knowing how to take care of  your basic, everyday needs go way beyond the practical.  My hubby always telling me this  "it's impossible to  quantify how great kids feel, how proud and confident they are, when they've learned to be self-sufficient" when the time that I didn't start to teach my daughter anything about the housework because I feel that she's still so young for it.
And to help our kids become happy adults, we have to give them the gift of competence.  I’m going to post a series of helpful plans that we hope parents or parents to be can learn from as we go on training our daughter.  FYI: kids who can handle everyday task are happier and more confident.  They also need to know you can count on them. Give them real chores on a regular basis so they’ll learn how to be reliable. Let the lesson begin! ;-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Miss My Old Eyeglasses

Losing my old and my favorite eyeglasses upsets me so bad. I cried and I can't get over it until now. My hubby spent serious money ($650.00) for it because of all the add-ons that they put for more comfortable wearing.  The comfort that I miss badly is this oleophobic lenses that I had.  Probably your thinking what is on those lenses why it's hard for me to forget it? Well, let me tell you Oleophobic lenses is a fingerprint resistant, Anti-Reflective Coating and it is the newest generation of AR Coating.  The coated lenses effectively repel water, oil, dust and fingerprints, while still reducing annoying reflections plus lenses stay clearer, and are easier to clean. I also miss the comfort of having the transition feature of my eyeglasses as well. It changes from clear to dark in the presence of ultraviolet light and block 100% of harmful UV rays so I don’t  need a sunglasses that’s gonna occupy the space of my purse.  So, who wouldn’t miss it right?
Well, I’m happy to know that Zenni carry this kind of lenses now and offer a truly reasonable and affordable price.  If only I can change my eyeglasses now I would but need to wait not on our budget list yet my hubby would kill me if I insist ;-)  For now I’ll have to be patient of my eyeglasses that I have now but when the time comes surely I'll go to Zenni. ;-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let’s Have Some Laughter! Grandpa's Drink ;-)

I know it’s so late in getting back here again things having been rather hectic around here. I just have a little break and thought of posting this. I hope this make you laugh or up to you ;-)
There was a family gathering, with all generations around the table.  Mischievous teenagers put a Viagra tablet into Grandpa's drink, and after a while, Grandpa excused himself because he had to go to the bathroom.
When he returned, however, his trousers were wet all over. What happened, Grandpa? He was asked by his concerned children. Well, he answered, I don't really know. I had to go to the bathroom. So I took it out and started to pee, but then I saw it wasn't mine, so I put it back! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Causes That Stink Gross Breath?

If you've ever encountered bad breath in someone close to you, or perhaps even yourself, you know that it's one thing you want to get rid of fast! Getting rid of bad breath is sometimes easier said than done!  To effectively treat or manage bad breath, you need to know what's causing it. 
Bad breath isn't anything new. Records from the 1500's BC show that some people used a mixture of wine and spices to cure bad breath!  That's not a bad approach. The alcohol in wine can kill bacteria that cause bad breath, but since bacteria regrow readily in the mouth, this is – like mouthwashes from today – a temporary remedy.
Every dental hygienist program teaches that the primary cause of bad breath is, in fact, bacterial growth in the mouth.  The best way to manage oral bacteria is to practice good dental hygiene.  That involves regular brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash. But there's a catch.  Simply brushing your teeth won't remove enough bacteria to make an effective dent in their numbers.  In addition to brushing your teeth, you also need to pay a little extra attention to your tongue. 
Bacteria set up shop on your teeth and their growth and byproducts are very easily seen, but the truth is that 80%-90% of the bacteria in your mouth lives in, on or around your tongue. These bacteria thrive in the moist environment of your mouth. Despite the fact that your mouth, gums and teeth are constantly bathed in saliva, your tongue is actually relatively dry.  Small food particles, dead skin cells from your tongue, gums and cheeks, and sinus drainage make the ideal soup for certain kinds of bacteria.
Not surprisingly, your tongue – much moreso than your teeth – is the source of most cases of bad breath. Changing the environment in your mouth is key to reducing the size of the bacterial colonies that live there. You can reduce bacterial growth on your tongue and in the other soft structures in your mouth by brushing your tongue (just like you'd brush your teeth) and by using mouthwash for at least 30 seconds two times per day.
Bacteria will always grow in your mouth, so you'll need to make these steps part of your oral care routine.  Alcohol-based mouthwashes are effective at killing bacteria, but non-alcohol based mouthwashes are just as effective and may be easier to tolerate, especially for children.
Your tongue isn't the only source of bad breath. Other soft structures in your mouth can cause bad breath, too.  Gum disease is a source of bad breath, as are dental infections.  Your tonsils have crypts (little empty spaces) that can harbor food particles and other materials. As these decay, they can produce some pretty foul breath. 
Gum disease is best treated by dental professionals, who can prescribe a regimen that can help decrease swelling, bleeding and bacterial growth. Mouthwash is also effective at reducing foreign matter that becomes lodged in the tonsillar crypts, provided that you can get the mouthwash far enough into your mouth to reach them.
Bad breath can also be symptomatic of other problems outside of your mouth.  Your esophagus is the structure that runs between your mouth and your stomach. Food particles that are lodged in your esophagus can cause bad breath. The muscular valve at the base of your esophagus can also weaken or fail to close properly. This can produce a range of problems, including acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (a chronic condition). A hiatal hernia can also prevent this valve from closing properly, leading to the escape of acid and unpleasant odors from your stomach. 
Rarely, other serious conditions like cancer, diabetes, and serious respiratory infections can also cause bad breath. These conditions must all be treated by medical professionals.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Short Hello!

Hello again blogosphere world! I just want to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking. Anyway, I know that most of you guys had a great Christmas and New Year! Or probably a few of you had not so well last year.  Like yours truly financial and family wise isn’t that good last year because of all the obstacles and hardship that we've been through but my hubby and I proved how much we love each other and care for our marriage. I feel happy and so lucky because our relationship as husband and wife get more better and better each year so as my hubby's relationship with my daughter as a stepfather.  Although 2011 beat us good and bring us no luck but I'm hoping that 2012 is better and will bring us even a little luck :-) Wonder why I'm not around much and can't update my post more often? Well, these photos explain why.....
my table
...and my hunnie's table! I both occupied 'em preparing the most important documents in our life ;-)
This is just one of many things that eat up my time everyday aside from household chores and my per diem job. Our office room been like this since January 2nd filled with documents from my table, hunnie's and on the floor. :-D. Oh well, I wish I have all the time in the world so I can be here more often. Believe me I enjoy blogging more now than before because of "YOU" my co-bloggers especially my "co-Filipino bloggers" who never get tired and fail to visit, comment and give support...I love you guys!  For now I can do blogging only in my spare time (if I still have it) I don't have a choice :-(.   Hummm I know when I can do it more often later on when I'm already retired LOL!