Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm done putting up all the Christmas decors today. The tree is up; the wreaths are all hang to both doors (main/side doors) and the only missing now is the gifts. Our princess is already asking if she’ll have a chance to open gifts on Christmas day because it’s already first week of December and she didn’t see any under the tree. I replied to her that she has to wait and see because Santa is not in a good financial situation this year :)

But the truth is we're focusing first on her 13th birthday sleepover party that’s going to happen on the 14th night of December till Saturday noon with 5 friends invited. Well, it’s our first time doing this so good luck to me and my hunnie. I hope everything will come out fine.


  1. I was a bit late putting on the decor this year :( because of chaotic scheds but same with you finally the tree is up :)

    Good luck on the sleep-over parteee!


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